✉ My booking email: [email protected]

My preferred contact method is email. I always check my email even when I'm not avaliable. So please if you want a quick response please email me [email protected] If you call or text and I don't see it within the day I will not contact you back. For discretion purposes. Inless you state otherwise. Please don't hesitate to reach back out to me so we can make a connection.

******** SCREENING IS REQUIRED***********

This is for everyones safety and comfort. The more information you provide me the more comfortable I will be.

Rsavs members or P411 members 

Provider reference - send me her information . Her name and a link to her website  & I will reach out to her  & verify.

If you do not have a provider reference I can  discreetly verfiy you through your employer . If you are on a company directory or website linkiden helps with a photo ID.

 You can email me screening information or send through here or you can email me the information